3 Best Designer Sunglasses for This Summer

by Fashion Dude on June 17, 2013

As cities throughout the UK begin to bask in glorious sunshine, it is clear that the Great British summer is looming large on the horizon.  This sets residents hearts racing, as they begin to dream of lavish holiday’s abroad and the lure of even more exotic climates.  Whether you decide to hit the ski slopes in Switzerland or enjoy a spectacular beach holiday in the Algarve, however, you will need a high quality pair of sunglasses that fulfil both practical and stylistic needs.  While this may represent a significant investment, it is one that can deliver tangible returns over time.

3 Top Designer Shades for this Summer

With this in mind, which current frames are dominating the market in the run up to summer? Consider the following, high end items prior to making your purchase:

Prada: One of the more renowned sunglasses brands, Prada have made a habit out of designing distinctive and spectacular shades that are ideal for the summer months.  This year is no exception, as the brand have released stunning burgundy tinted lenses that add a dash of colour and romance to your summer style.  While you may have heard the term ‘rose tinted spectacles’ before, Prada have taken this to a practical level this season.

retro sunglasses mens

Ray-Ban: Few sunglasses brands carry the prestige and reputation of Ray-Ban, and the appeal of these frames goes far beyond style and form.  Ray-Ban are one of the few high end designer brands that pay genuine attention to detail when bringing products to market, and the safety features on their frames are often second to none.  If you are looking to stay safe while looking good in the sun this summer, partnering with Ray-Ban is one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

rayban aviators

Calvin Klein: Another stellar sunglasses brand, Calvin Klein have been adorning the market with easy-to-wear yet stand out style for decades.  With a range of cool retro frames available for this summer, this luxury brand are offering consumers the ideal opportunity to create a more distinguished look that will enchant passers by.  One of the more affordable designer brands, Calvin Klein has managed to strike the ideal balance between colour and taste this summer.

calvin klein men's sunglasses

Author Bio: This post was contributed by Lewis on behalf of Sunglasses UK. Offering access to a host of frames including prescription ray ban sunglasses, it allows to customers to purchase high end quality and affordable prices.

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