5 Wardrobe Essentials in Every Gentleman’s Closet

by Fashion Dude on September 1, 2015

Modern fashion can be tricky for some men.  There are a lot of styles and clothing lines that can let you be you and also show your style sense the best.  But if you are kind of old fashion gal, and you wish to dress like good old time gentlemen you might face some problems.  Do you really have the right pieces?  All of the essentials?  The pieces no wardrobe of a true gentleman should be without?

Don’t worry.  Today we are going to share a short list of 5 essential items what every gentleman-wanna-be should have. Dress like that and we can guarantee that you will never miss the shot with it.

A nice suit

stylish mens suit outfit

What kind of gentleman can live without a nice suit that he can wear every day?  For example, a navy and a charcoal suit will take you everywhere you need to go and also let you enjoy being in style and looking like a real gentleman!  Of course, these two colors are not a limit – just a good base to build a full suit wardrobe for everyday use. A nice black or gray suit will work too, especially for many different occasions and dress codes.

A dress shirt

blue button dress shirt

Other essential items for all gentlemen should be at least a few good dress shirts for different occasions and in different colors.  For example, for definitely formal events, wear a nice clean white dress shirt. For more usual days, or at work, baby blue shirts will also let you look great.  It can actually even accentuate your blue eyes (of course, if you have it!).  So invest a little bit in some great dress shirts for all occasions and get another step closer to being a gentleman!

A topcoat and a trench coat

mens fall jackets

For colder and rainier days, all gentlemen always pull either a topcoat or a trench coat.  It not only will keep you warm and dry, but also let you create more elegant, and sophisticated look.  In winter, a nice wool top coat will perfectly go over your suits and keep you warm and cozy.  For fall and rainy days, a military inspired trench coat will also keep you dry and warm. Purchase it in neutral colors, to make it work better with all your suits and look gentleman-like even then you can’t show your nice suit.

A pair of brown dress shoes

men's outfit ideas

How can we forget about the shoes?  Branch out to other colors and styles later, but for now get a brown shoe you can wear everywhere.  Just a one pair of nice brown dress shoes can look amazingly well with dark navy color suits or simple dark blue denim jeans.  It is also very versatile then you need to dress for different occasions – from every day at work to more special events.  Just be sure that these shoes are made of real leather and will work for you for a long time.

A tie or/and pocket square

men's tie look

Finally, another essential item for all gentlemen is, of course, a tie or a pocket square.  It’s time to pick your print with smart-lad accessories and look as a gentleman as possible!  Ties are always great for work, and also for special events (if it is dressy enough).  At the same time, a pocket square is a great piece too and it creates more pulled together look.

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