666barcelona Watches – They’re Hot as Hell !!!

by The Rebel on September 16, 2011

At itsNOTFORgirls.com we always bring you the sickest brands first. In keeping with that tradition we have uncovered a devilishly hot watch brand called 666barcelona.com. Located in London and Barcelona, their philosphy is

“The Magic of Numbers.

The Hidden Harmonies of an Exact Science

That is Capable of Explaining The Universe.

Matter and Energy. Space and Time …

Capable of Revealing the True You.

From This Ocean of Infinite Affinities, a Number Emerges .

The Mark of An Authentic and Unconventional Man.”

Do we know what that means ? Nope haven’t got a clue, but we do know they have SICK watches that will set you apart from the riff raff. Here are 3 of the sickets:

UrbanWatch – 666Barcelona

UrbanWatch - 666 Barcelona

The UrbanWatch features 3 different dials and has a very chic look. For a more classy look the UrbanWatch is the idol accessory for the finer man.

MegaByte – 666Barcelona

Megabyte Watch 666Barcelona

Looking for a more futuristic look, well 666barcelona have it covered. For those of us nerds who are fans of the matrix or the minority report, the Megabyte watch is the ideal accessory. We Love it.

John – 666Barcelona 

John 666Barcelona

Think we can’t follow up the UrbanWatch or the Megabyte, well you are wrong. We have last but not least, John the watch. Yes, that’s right, it may have one of the most boring names ever given to a watch, but John doubles up as a pretty cool wrist strap for those who like mens accessories and a bulky watch. This is for the casual guy who is wearing a cool pair of naked and famous + supra sneakers.

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