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by Fashion Dude on October 6, 2012

The weekend is here guys and we wanted to let you know about an excitingly cool new collaboration campaign that just launched last week on Sept. 25th.  ASOS has teamed up with Puma to come up with the ASOS Black x Puma collection for Autumn/Winter 2012.  The concept behind the line is to fuse sport with fashion so that your clothes are not only geared towards performance but also aesthetically on point.  We personally like the subtle sportiness of the style as that makes the clothes more versatile.

To coincide with the launch filmmaker Ben Newman chronicles the Pixadores (Os Pixadores) as ambassadors of the line if you will in that this graffiti collective is all about creative expression and innovation through their graffiti art.  A combination of street culture and activist messages against dictatorship in their native country Brazil, these artists have achieved legendary status in the world of street art by fighting the system through graffiti.

Os Pixadores are probably most famous for their 2008 protest in San Paulo, Brazil at the Pavilion of Arts Biennal where took the opportunity given to paint the white walls with messages of “Down the Dictatorship”.  This message was not taken too kindly at the time as their actions created a national controversy although the intent was to protest against the elitism of art.

The Pixadores message is “Be a Creator”.  The ASOS Black x Puma collection also mirrors that message in that they are encouraging people to express their own creativity by sharing pictures, designs, drawings and videos.  You can get more involved and follow the campaign more closely by the ASOS website, Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #beacreator.


This post has been sponsored by ASOS Black x Puma, but all thoughts are uniquely our own.

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