Attire For Practical Yet Fashion-Conscious Workmen

by Fashion Dude on October 15, 2011

Mens boots fashion can sometimes be a little confusing – when men go to work, especially when it involves practical labour, it is often the opinion that functionality is more important than fashion However, this does not necessarily have to be the case as there are a lot of items of clothing around that can be both practical and comfortable. This eliminates the need to separate the two, and makes it easier for men to remain fashion-conscious without sacrificing their working abilities.

One example of work meeting fashion successfully is CAT boots.

These have a durable rubber sole and are made from tough leather that is sturdy enough to be worn on a building site. The great thing about these boots is that they look good as well as being practical. While women can jazz up a work outfit by wearing 77 Diamonds‘ jewellery or putting on some flattering make-up, one of the ways that men can exercise some fashion-consciousness is through their footwear.

Once shoes have been decided on, there is always the issue of the jacket or coat. John Deere is one brand the provides customers with a unique and sturdy coat that is a great alternative to the Barbour wax jacket.

John Deere also produces a wide rage of heavy farming machinery, which means that they are pretty switched-on to the demands of everyday working life. The duck barn coat which they offer is a rich tan colour, with deep and practical pockets. It also has a tartan lining, giving it some interesting variety as well as warmth.

To complete the look, the working man could go for a pair of comfortable dungarees from Dickies. They have a great range of dungarees and overalls, including the bib-and-brace. These are great for those who take part in practical work, but can also stand alone as style icons.

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