Fashion Dude

The Fashion Dude is chief Editor here at itsNOTFORgirls. He is a massive fan of all things fashion, but has a particular interest in high tops, with Supra’s being a core love of this. With a gift for knowing every single high top in existence and what pair of jeans they should be worn with, he is happy to dish out advice when asked. Feel free to contact him directly or check him out on Facebook.

The Rebel

The Rebel is number two in command and is our social media junky. You will find the rebel writing up on all the latest fashion trends over here at itsNOTFORgirls (a particular interest in Radii sneakers), answering all your questions on the itsNOTFORgirls Youtube Channel and scouring the web to interact with other fashion enthusiasts. Keep an eye on the itsNOTFORgirls Facebook Channel and Twitter Channel because The Rebel will be running some competitions where you can get some free sneakers. Check him out on Facebook


Mr. X

MR X is our roaming fashion reporter. He is will give you the best in advice and news from the world of male fashion. But be warned – his advice doesn’t pull any punches, if you are breaking any fashion laws, his posts may sting the eyes. Due to the hard hitting advice in his posts, we have to conceal his identity. He also likes to play poker in his spare time so watchout WSOP.



A journalism student from Dallas, TX who looks at fashion as a form of art and expression. Malcolm enjoys the entire spectrum of Men’s fashion and loves to mix pieces in order to put his own spin on what can be a somewhat bland genre. He loves to help other’s build their own wardrobe and fits so you can expect many guides and advice from him. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any assistance.