The Baggy Pants Saga – Could This Be the “Meet in The Middle” Solution

by Fashion Dude on January 8, 2011

The “Baggy Pants” phenomenon has caused a massive stir across the world over the past few years, so much so it even has politicians speaking on the subject. It seems wearing your pants low represents gang culture and the concealing of weapons which may appear to be crazy but they did begin bringing in new laws on the subject in the states. However, where there is an apparent problem there is room for creativity which is why we are here today. Andrew D. Lewis decided to create a sort of “happy medium” product that will hold your pants at just the right level in order to keep the peace between the two sides. Check out the product a.k.a Subs below and what Andrew himself has to say on the topic. Get your very own “Subs” right here.

baggy pants garter

When asked “what was the thinking behind the product?” he has this to say:

“I was shooting for a contemporary, hip-hop/urban take on traditional men’s suspenders. But, instead of going over the shoulder on the outside of the user’s clothing, Subs are worn more as an undergarmant. The name, Subs, evolved from suspenders. I changed suspenders to subspenders (a play on sagging and the low position of the product when worn, compared to traditional suspenders), and then shortened it to Subs. The rest is history.”

When asked “did he think kids hang their pants to low?” he had this to say:

“Although I do not fully understand the aesthetic appeal of sagging, I vehemently support saggers’ rights to choose how they present themselves to the world in everyday life. As they say, “live and let live.” Having said that, not only have I gotten tremendous support from the sagging community, I have also gotten significant support from people who are adamantly opposed to sagging. This is because the product, by design, moderates or controls sagging.”

baggy pants garter

When asked “What the response was to the product?” he had this to say:

“I designed this product for saggers, in very close collaboration with saggers…. hundreds of saggers. The overwhelming majority of saggers who I talked to gave me a thumbs up for both function and aesthetics. And, as I mentioned, I have also gotten a lot of thumbs up from people opposed to sagging… “that’s bangin’,” that’s poppin’,” that’s hot,” “those are amazing,” “I wish I had thought of that” “you are going to be a very rich man,” and, simply, “Thank you.” Nevertheless, sagging is an extremely controversial subject, so I have gotten my share of negative comments…. “that’s incredibly dumb, ” “they look ridiculous,” “people should just pull up there pants,” “you are destroying our community,” and “real men don’t sag.”

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Leave a comment below but in the mean time lets look at the lighter side of the topic. Here is the legendary General Larry Platt on Americas Got Talent with his fantastic song on the topic “Pants on The Ground”

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