Little Bro is Getting Married

by Fashion Dude on January 31, 2014

As some of you may know, I am married and have been for several years now.  Sorry ladies!  Haha! Back to serious things in that my little brother is getting ready to tie the knot in March and so I am in “Gotta get in shape and look dapper” mode for the next 50+ days until I head out to Phoenix, AZ for the wedding.  Since yours truly is the best man I unquestionably have to look good and little bro has followed in my footsteps by picking out some stylish threads as far as the suit all of the groomsmen will be wearing.  It’s a very sleek, modern fitted tux that once has the final tailoring done will look outstanding.   So kudos to him and his bride to be for picking out some nice duds for us to all sport at this little shindig.

Now I wouldn’t be me and wouldn’t be running a fashion blog if I didn’t have to add my own signature touch to the suit and by accessorizing nicely it will take this puppy to the next level.  That’s right, a fly watch to slap on the wrist will add some flash and uniqueness to the look that says “yup, this is me so check it” and the rest of the fellas will be asking where did you go to cop that watch?  I have put together a nice list of watches that I will mull over before ultimately deciding on one of them.  Check them out below.

top men's watches to wear with a suit

Invicta watches (found here) have been catching my eye recently. The Lupah Revolution is a sporty watch that can really offset the more formal look of the suit and so that really appeals to me.  On the other hand I could end up going with the Invicta Reserve Military as the stainless steel and design of the watch gives me a clean & sophisticated watch that will ultimately give me that icing on the cake if you will.  My next pick is this MARC BY MARC JACOBS Larry Bracelet Watch in gunmetal (at Nordstrom’s)as this is one of my favorite colors when it comes to a watch especially if you are not into stainless steel.   My final two candidates are this Midnight Rubber Lomin because of the clean and modern look and then lastly the Casio A168WA-1YES Digital Bracelet Watch if you are on a tight budget and still have to have the stainless steel and a fan of digital.

Thoughts?  Do you have a favorite from what you’ve seen here?  Or maybe a completely different watch?  By this weekend I’ll probably make a decision on which one who knows maybe I’ll even run them by the wifey to get her thoughts, or then again maybe I won’t as that could turn into a much longer conversation than I might not be able to stand!


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