The Cutting Edge of Men’s Fashion

by Fashion Dude on September 10, 2012

Braun watchI know what you’re thinking – no way could a men’s razor corporation jump into the watch industry and produce something that any self-respecting man would want to put on his wrist in the hopes of impressing anyone.

Well, you (and I) are wrong, thanks to the newest line of Braun watches.  For this wristwatch aficionado, Braun watches are not only some of the most masculine watches out on the market right now, but they are stylish, hip and fashionable – a far cry from what I initially thought would be the case when I hear the shaving giant started manufacturing timepieces.

The model that intrigued me the most was the Braun analog black leather style.  The simplistic look to the dial actually gives it a solid dose of East Coast minimalist fashion.  The thickened black leather strap is sturdy yet comfortable on my wrist, and the brushed matte steel buckle on it is reminiscent of the electric razors that Braun has become known for.  Sweeeeeeet!

The Braun analog black leather watch is not the oversized behemoth that many watch brands have been gravitating to, either.  This 38 millimeter case is befitting of a 21st century man who understands that wearing a gargantuan wall clock is the perfect way to have relationship and professional doors closed right in front of his face.

The other great feature of this watch is how thin it is – great for those who are tired of a chunky, gaudy style.  With only a 7.5 millimeter case thickness on this Braun watch, I can slide this under my French cuff shirts with ease.  The dial itself is as austere as it gets.  This men’s watch has a jet-black dial with simple, thin-font numerals along with individual minute marks as well.  Giving the timepiece a little personality is a long, golden secondhand that ticks as opposed to sweeping like your grandfather’s watch.

This black Braun watch is pretty affordable as well, priced at $160.  Usually something as hip as this cost a lot more in my experience.  The metal is all stainless steel, and the watch itself is water resistant up to 50 meters as well.  So while I wouldn’t take this swimming, I certainly have no qualms getting it wet.  And even if anything were to go wrong, it has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on it as well.

I’m always on the lookout for the newest in fashion watches but after acquiring this black Braun watch, I know what I’m wearing with my black tie-button-shirt-jeans ensemble.  Now I’m all set for the club Saturday night if I only knew someone that made a decent razor…. ha!


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