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by Fashion Dude on November 4, 2015

November is upon us and of course that means it’s officially Movember!  If you are not familiar with the cause check them out as it’s all about mean living happier, healthier and longer lives.  Ah, yes happiness now.  This leads me to something that I am personally very happy about in terms of a cool product line that is perfect for this month/movement.

How about copping a shaving series that has some seriously good brew as an ingredient?  Yes please!  As it stands with my weekly beer intake I could absolutely stand to incorporate more into my shaving and styling routine and to boot Carlsberg is saying their unique products have high quality hops that makes your skin look fresh & clean.  We all know that means looking good and feeling good at the office, at your favorite night spot, your corner pub or  out on a weekend getaway with that special lady friend.

With Movember in high gear and going strong worldwide to bring awareness and funding to men’s health this means I’m ready to get that mustache going.  The first night means I start off clean shaven and then will be using the Carlsberg shaving gel and aftershave which I might add both contain premium hops by mixing in freeze dried beer!  I really had to do my best to not want to drink the stuff honestly but hey it’s shaving products and as such has a purpose that does not directly serve my belly!

Refreshed and clean now I am starting to grow my stache out and then once that bad boy starts to really grow in and get some length no doubt I’ll use Carlberg’s Moustache cream to style it. Stay tuned for more on that

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