What I Think My Man Needs for Christmas

by misssneakerpimp on October 3, 2012

Now, every year for Christmas I get my man the same ol’ things – some clothes and cologne.  Nothing too expensive, because he will only tear them (don’t ask how) within a few months at a push.

But this year I have decided to push the boat out a bit.  He’s been working so hard and recently received a promotion at work so I want to show him he means more than just a couple of shirts and a new bottle cologne that I seem to conveniently get him every year.  Here is a select list of gift ideas for men.

Some things though, I think he might have a bit of a chuckle over… which will be great in a devious kind of way.

1. Eyebrow Trimmers and Comb – What can I say… he has big, scary eyebrows.  Not sure if it’s just me but they seem to get bigger and bushier each year.  Gross!  I have been tempted to pluck them in his sleep.  Ok I lied… I have plucked them in his sleep.  Needless to say, he wasn’t happy when he caught me in the act.

eyebrow trimmers

2. Guyliner Disguys Concealer – We all get these dark under eye circles whether from a lack of sleep or just running yourself into the ground!  My man will look more awake by simply concealing them.

concealer for men

3. Backup iPhone Charger – Now he has no excuse not to answer my calls when he has this pocket-sized charger handy.  No more excuses like – oh, honey I forgot to charge my phone.  Yeah, right!

iphone charger

4. Help For Heroes Camouflage Boxers – It’s nice to support the Help For Heroes campaign and I think he looks sexy in camouflage.  Just saying.

camouflage boxers

5. ‘I Wish I Hadn’t Eaten That’ Book – Whenever he’s on the throne, there’s that automatic nasty stank to follow.  It’s truly a turn-off especially before we are ready to get it on.  Maybe he could learn a thing or two.

health book

6. Mistletoe Willy Warmer – What girl wants a shriveled, little… you know what!  So get that baby nice & toasty at all times.  It says One Size Fits All…I hope so, because I looked online for miniature willy warmers and apparently they are all out of stock (just kidding!).

gag gifts

7. Leather Fly Swat – I’m sure there are many uses for a Leather Fly Swat.  Not just good for whooping flies, but also good for smacking him upside the head when he falls asleep and snores louder than a lawn mower during our movie night.

funny gag gifts

8. Caution Cone – To put outside the toilet, for when he hasn’t read his ‘I Wish I hadn’t Eaten That’ book.  As Jim Carrey says – Do not go in there, wooooh!

9. Razorpit Razorblade Sharpener – He is very hairy, and when he has a big shave, he blunts his razor and then starts using mine.  Excuse me!  I’m fed up with it.  He can now sharpen his own razor and leave my pink one in the fancy holder stuck to the tiles, where it belongs!

razor sharpener

10. Brazilian Slimming Corset – That’s for me, but for him to look at.

Now hopefully he won’t complain that I got him the same old stuff for Christmas.  Well I did, but better ones than normal.  All these little gadgets and toys should keep him amused at least until Christmas dinner time.  And as for the corset… I had to get myself something because I know all that I will get is that same old Bubble bath set…

All of these gifts and more that are not on the High Street can be purchased from PresentsForMen.co.uk.


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