Defriend Day – Time To Defriend Anyone Wearing Lame Footwear

by Fashion Dude on March 4, 2011

As you know we at itsNOTFORgirls are passionate when it comes to fashion and we pay close attention to sneakers, you only have to check out our sneaker guide to see how serious we take it. So when certain abominations hit the market we just cant help but point them out and seeing as its official “Defriend Day” on Facebook this seems like the perfect day to drop those friends of yours for crimes against footwear. We don’t expect everyone to agree with our decisions – what kind of boring world would it be if you did!! Don’t be shy, leave a comment below.

1) george-cox-luker-by-neighborhood-l-boots

British shoemaker George Cox has been virtually a permanent fixture amongst the Japanese fashion landscape for several seasons. Known for their original creeper style, LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD re-create the look via their L-BOOTS model. Seen in two colors, the traditional thick wedge sole is paired with a either suede or leather uppers. In other words if you like a modern skin-head boot mixed with an 80′s style 3 inch platform then this is the boot for you, we would imagine it’s great for short people to try on in the store so they can reach the nice kicks on the top shelf!!

2) visvim-fbt-studdedNext we have the a new take on the FBT as visvim unveils a studded version of its popular moccasin shoe. Done up in two leather colorways for Spring 2011, the kicks pair a beautiful buttery suede upper with traditional leather lace detailing and gold studs embellished on the flaps. MMMMM, If Pocahontas wore footwear then these would certainly be her first choice!! The horrible colorway and random ropes simply give it that “I just made my own shoes from recycled clothing” look, we are not feeling them.


This is the Big Tee with Shoe Graphics from adidas ObyO Jeremy Scott which visualises all the sneaker models currently available in the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. There is the much talked about JS Teddy Bear, JS Wings, and even a few from the season before. In our experience the talk is usually made up from quotes such as “Man, those winged shoes are sh**!” or “Hey, are those the new Jeremy Scott winged shoes? Yes, Yes they are!! MMM,those are sh**!”

Maybe it’s time we all moved on from the shoes made popular by people such as Jedward and other idiots in the music industry.

Any thoughts on the above or any suggestions to be added to the list? Let us know..

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