Dr Dre Beats X Coloware – Just When You Thought Dr Beats Couldn’t Get Better

by MR X on May 2, 2011

Are these the biggest ear-rings known to man or is Dr. Dre just pleased to see us? Andre Young has teamed up with the customizer ColorWare to bring these cool new headphones to the table. It’s all about the chrome these days and Dre’s homeboys deliver this metallic artistry in spades. The slick finishes and patented X2 coating is a departure from the norm with its plastic resin and while the word “plastic” may keep prospective dawgs at bay it’s good to know that the Beats X represent with a scratch resistant surface that puts the rest to shame just so you don’t hit the town looking like you got down and dirty with Freddie Krueger. As with all things limited edition and red hot on the market, these exclusive collector’s items will only be stimulating 50 pairs of ears and at a cool $1000 dollars you better be prepared to treat this ultimate mens fashion accessory like a member of the family, much like the recent popularity of the Mans Bag which we also cover for you guys!

Dr Dre Beats Colorware

Dr Dre Beats Colorware Silver

Dr Dre Beats Colorware Red

Dr Dre Beats Colorware Red

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