Essential Fitness Wear for Men

by Fashion Dude on October 7, 2015

The contents of most gym bags will have some staple items like deodorant to keep you fresh, a device to calibrate your workout and count calories you burn, a water bottle to keep you hydrated and energy bars to munch on.  The clothes in your bag will vary a bit, depending on your chosen activity.  So what are some essential must-haves in fitness wear for different sports?  Let’s take a closer look.

Running Essentials

With winter right around the corner, you can burn extra calories by running in snow, which makes your same run more effective.  The key to winter running is proper gear selection.  Start by covering your head and ears with a runner’s hat to cut down on heat loss.  Runner’s gloves keep your hands warm, while retaining grip.  Your base layer is an integral part of your running attire, and both tops and bottoms should ideally be made of a suitable compression material.

black compression shorts

Long sleeve crews and shorts made of spandex blended, warp knit material conform to your body and help keep your muscles warm and oxygenated.  The wicking property of these materials also helps in absorbing the sweat of your body, while the compression fabric helps reduce muscle recovery time. offers a wide selection of men’s compression shorts and also offers free economy shipping with a minimum order of any two items.

 Gym Wear

If working out at the gym is your thing, your apparel needs to be both functional and suitably styled.  Functional apparel will aid and facilitate movement and ease during your workout, and suitably styled apparel will ensure visual appeal.  A base layer of compression wear, topped with understated but stylish active wear is your best bet at the gym.

men's running socks

A form-fitted base layer is both functional and it also helps flatter your shape.  Your top layer can be light and trendy, because this is what everyone will see you in.  Accessories like Thorlo Experia socks, are ideal when it comes to comfort, padding and breathability.  They are suitable for both running and working out at the gym.

Racket sports

If your activity of choice is a racket sport like tennis, racquetball or squash, your apparel may have a slightly different look. Racket sports put a lot of stress on your elbows and knees, so elbow sleeves and knee guards that provide adequate support are both good investments.  Also, it is best to wear socks that provide comfort and support, while ensuring breathability.

sport wristbands

Men usually wear compression shorts under tennis shorts for extra support, and a crew or tee in a suitable Dri-Fit material. Accessories like head bands and wrist bands prevent sweat from getting in your eyes or on your palms, thus ensuring a firmer grip and clearer vision.

Whatever the activity of your choice, your bag should have a combination of items and apparel specifically geared towards your sport of choice.


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