Feature Post: Being Equal, Trendy Mens Fashion under the Spotlight

by MR X on June 10, 2011

Following on from our latest feature on AMM Shoes the itsNOTFORgirls team bring you a feature on Being Equal a trend new male fashion brand ….

Being|Equal. Paradoxically, the logo should tell you that these guys are different. Hearing from someone that there is a new “cool and modern” brand on the market is a bit like hearing that there is a new kid in town with a toy that flashes more than anyone else’s. Modern being|equal are, flashy they are not. It’s all about style and elegance in detailed mode and having scanned my eyes over the wares on their website I must say that I got a real insight into the future of fashion simply because of the way these designs make you feel. Check out the Being Equal look below: “Distant World T-Shirt, Wisdom Shoes (olive) and Charmed Tailored Short

Being Equal - Get the Look

Being|Equal is the London based brainchild of two brothers which perhaps should tell you what the brand name means: A pair of siblings side by side, equal to each other yet with different ideas being crafted to create beauty. Understated yet dramatic, they share a passion for both clothing and graphic prints so the combination of these two themes means that us lucky people now get to see attire that “evokes the senses visually, yet retains the garments’ practical design and quality workmanship.”. Check out Being Equal get the look: “Contrived Longcoat, Plain Printed T-Shirt, Inflate Trouser and Descendant Boots (Black)”

Being Equal - Get The Look

This is apparent when one looks at, say, their Distant World T-Shirt, their Contrived Longcoat or their Descendant Boots (a personal favourite). In essence what I should be saying is that you can just tell at first glimpse that these guys know exactly what they are doing. It’s a glimpse into the future, yes, but also timeless in execution. If you’re feeling zen enough to pull this off, which by the way you can while it’s up to you to believe in yourself, then glide on over to www.being-equal.com and you will see brilliant design and brilliant clothing come into being side by side and finishing off equal in transcendent quality. Check out Being Equal get the look “Distorted Cardigan, Balance T-Shirt, Arch Tailored Trouser and Descendant Boots (Maroon)”

Being Equal Get the Look 3

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