Feature Post: Pretty Green Online Mens Fashion from Liam Gallagher

by Fashion Dude on June 29, 2011

One would imagine that Liam Gallagher and Pretty Green get fairly fed up when lazy journalists try to cram as many cheesy Oasis references into articles that could be literally possible. For the next minute, (or however long it takes you to read this without diverting your eyes to the pictures) I will try my best not to saunter down this route and to be quite frank it shouldn’t be a problem having looked at the wares on show in the seasonal ranges of this iconic label. Established in 2009, Liam and Co’s clothing line boasts two distinct collections-the Green Label, which caters for the casual everyday look, and the Black label, which goes all out to perfect classic British tailoring. Now, just in case the cynics amongst you imagine that all this is yet another rock star vanity project, let me be the first to burst that bubble and inform you that Liam actually designs the clobber along with his crew at Pretty Green.


Pretty Green Jeans Pretty Green Purple Jumper Pretty Green Brown Shoes

One look at the Green Label High Summer fashion and you will witness this fact in all its elegant glory, with 60′s British mod styles sporting bold colours, striking patterns and classic tailoring that one could imagine Liam wearing on stage on a warm summer’s evening. Or if you actually want to walk in Liam’s shoes you can do just that with the release of a new footwear range that follows in the success of their popular desert boot. There are easy slip-ons, casual canvas plimsolls and smart suede lace-ups, all very subtle and all very slick with the lime eyelet and embroidered Pretty Green logo stamping its approval of cool over proceedings. Looking to the future as always, Pretty Green has also announced its Green label Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. This includes classic denim, stylish button down shirts and casual jersey tees, all in stores from July.

Pretty Green White Shoes Pretty Green Stripped Shirt

“It’s a working class thing, you work all week and then on the weekends you can have a bit of style, be the rock star, you know what I mean, look cool, style is what counts man, fashion comes and goes style remains. It’s about class,” says Liam, no doubt gazing down at himself and admiring the view.

One thing is for sure, if this fashion label continues to tailor at such high levels then it really could live forev…oops, scratch that, you know what I mea…darn. Listen, just go to www.prettygreen.com and see for yourselves!

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