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by MR X on June 19, 2011

I love writing articles on brands with funky names because you just know when you dig a little deeper you will reach a place that transcends fashion. It’s no surprise then that this label, which prides itself on making some of the most avant-garde designer glasses on the market, is actually on a mission to buck trends and paint a path to artistic enlightenment. So says the mission statement- “Glasses with Afrikan fabric is a never before seen cultural fashion statement. The owner Tasiya Sealey created the phrase Eclectic African-Chic to describe her sense of fashion. Trend is not a term that the company likes to be associated with because anything genuine/original is forever. “

Purple Pills Babies Purple Pills Guitar

And eclectic they certainly are. The Brooklyn brand takes this nod to African Culture and throws it far up into the air only for it to fly back down with a modern sheen and a name derived from the Matrix films. PPB says, “When you add the blue pill and the red pill you get…well…people!” Perfect. Because after all, isn’t this what it’s all about? You can mix it up style-wise until the cosmic cows come home but if people can’t wear it you’ve failed. Purple Pill Babies make sure this artistry is nailed aesthetically so that everything fits around your eyes exquisitely where you’ll see the world in a different light. The multitude of designs for their men’s eyewear gives you a sense that these frames are actually tailor-made to suit the many esoteric personalities that dare to wear them. Design-wise they give us the Straw Man 3rd Eye, Fire Pharaoh and Anti Digital among many more, all made with African fabric that has never been afforded a cultural, fashion platform before.

Purple Pill Babies Guys Purple Pill Babies Group Editorial

And then there’s the music. Another reason to love these guys. When you see the eyewear on their models you immediately imagine that you are buying into a bit of musical culture. For me, I get the psychedelic, unifying themes and styles incorporated in the music of Cannibal Ox and TV on the Radio all rolled into a nice, cool package. Immediately I want to buy these shades and dust off my guitar that sleeps under the bed. And it’s no wonder because after I scratch a bit more under the surface I find out that their models are all bona-fide musicians. How cool is that? Ok, enough of my love-in here. You have it all to look forward to so I won’t ruin the surprise. Check out their website at www.purplepillbabies.com. It’s just great to see designers thinking outside the box, with the box being the packaging that makes everything else look exactly the same.

Purple Pill Babies- BW

Purple Pills Babies Group Editorial 4

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    Thanks for info, we will definitely be adding our Like to your page !!

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