Geox Amphibiox

by Fashion Dude on November 21, 2013

Good day Gents, wanted to share with you a funny video by Geox showing off their Geox Amphibiox shoes. The idea is to show you just how durable, breathable & waterproof their line of shoes are by making this guy wear a different pair each day for 7 straight days in non-stop rain (really a shower) and making him hustle around in different settings and places will doing it.

Now there’s definitely some humor built into this experiment so it’s not like it’s purely scientific but essentially in a pseudo scientific way attempt to show guys that not only are the shoes fashionable (subjective of course) but that they are also going to hold up for a long time when you wear them everyday or quite often.

Looking at the line our picks would be the Mattias and the Yeti as our two top choices. Although all of them appear to be shoes you can’t go wrong with and we would agree in that innovation does meet style for this line based on the designs, materials and overall features.

Geox Amphibiox mens shoes waterproof and durable line


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