Classic grooming tools for modern men

by Fashion Dude on September 14, 2012

male groomingModern men are taking great care of their appearance these days, especially with the decline of traditional barber shops.  Gentlemen used to solely attend the barber, for the ultimate close shave experience that left them smooth and smelling delightful.  Today, there are appropriate products out there for image conscious men.  Most men have structured rituals in the bathroom and here are some of the traditional grooming tools they are using to enhance their appearance.

Straight or Cut Throat Razor
These razors have been utilized for centuries and have gone through some changes.  Popularly known as the straight or cut throat razor, they now have curved handles providing extra control.  These razors are renowned for giving you the closest shave.  Of course there are other disposable razors on the market too.  They are all similar in shape, consisting of a handle and razor head.

You can buy replacement heads and eventually purchase a new razor if necessary.  A lot of them come with balms and oils attached to the razor head, to ensure a smooth shave and continued after care.  We recommend brands such as Clinique, Clarinsmen or even Somersets Oils as providing some great quality oils.  For similar items like these, is a nifty site to check out – specially designed for men’s skin care and grooming products, click here.

Shaving Brush
The straight razor and the shaving brush are used together, therefore you need both to perform the close shave.  The importance of the shaving brush is that the bristles have an exfoliating texture, that will improve the skin and pull out the hairs on the face, allowing the razor to get in closer.  The brush also absorbs unwanted moisture, ensuring maximum concentration of the shaving cream.  Some young men are buying the shaving brush at a furious rate, proving that you cannot beat the close shave that the straight razor demonstrates.  It’s worth paying out for a good quality brush such as a real bristle brush such as that by Edwin Jagger or Men-U.

Electric Wet and Dry Razor
An electric razor is a handy item for traveling, because it’s portable and has a good battery life.  These razors are available as a plug in electric item, rechargeable battery type or a model that has both features.  These razors are available in different price ranges – the expensive types having the most attributes.  Most of these razors sit on a charging platform, allowing you freedom to use the shaver in any room.  Most can be used wet or dry, like those by Braun and Philips, check them out here.

Nose and Hair Trimmer
The most commonly used trimmers are the battery variety, proving the most convenient because they are portable.  There are models that have attachments making them useful for trimming beards, sideburns, nasal and ear hairs.  These trimmers also come with charging platforms and can be placed under running water to clean the attachments.  Additionally, a lot of them come in a trendy travel pouch.

Tweezers are an essential item especially when going manual.  They are easy to carry because they are small and light.  The trendy man can now buy sleek, stylish varieties. There are precision and dual action tweezers, they both look after intricate hair areas and eyebrows (say adios to unibow).  Tweezers are great for stray hairs and will get in much closer.  This allows ultimate control as you pluck, creating grooming excellence.  And as always, practice makes perfect.

The items below are more of our favorite male grooming essentials from Jacks Male Grooming.

male grooming essentials


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