Two Heavy Hitters: Ludacris Soul Headphones V Dr Dre Beats

by Fashion Dude on January 20, 2011

We have here two heavy hitters in the rap game, they have both sold millions of records, sold out countless venues and even starred in top Hollywood blockbusters. Dr. Dre was the first to take over the headphones market with his extremely popular Dr Dre Beats which have been see on celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Fabulous. Ludacris announced back in October that he was working on releasing his Soul headphones which we now have for you. We would like to ask you one simple question – Does Ludacris Have The Soul, or Does The Doctor Have The Beat?????

Dr Dre Beats:

The thrill of hearing tiny details you’ve never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beat by Dr. Dre over-ear headphones engineered by Monster, thrills rule. These are without doubt the hottest headphones available today!!

dr dre beatsdr dre beatsdr dre beatsdr dre beats

Ludacris Soul Headphones:

Each Soul by Ludacris headphones are engineered to provide studio level sound quality with proper dynamic range. Perfect for blocking out all those noises out there and allowing you to just listen to YOUR music. Released in five different models: three on-ear headphones (SL300, SL150, SL100) and two in-ear (SE99 and SE48), Soul by Ludacris headphones ensure the wearer’s fit and comfort.

ludacris soul headphones

ludacris soul headphones

ludacris soul headphones

ludacris soul headphonesludacris soul headphones

Which do you prefer?? Leave a comment below or let us know on our Facebook page.

  • Getalifeortiz2

    beats way better and soul’s are just another copy that can’t live up to the hype of the awesome beats.

  • Lando

    Pfft. Did you actually listen to both of them and compare? Justify your statement please.

    Comparing mid-level headphones (Beats by Dre Studio and Soul SL150), I tested these 3 days ago.
    Soul definitely sounds better overall, sound really crisp and studio-like. I found Beats cranks bass up, more than Soul, but that doesn’t mean Soul has no bass. With Beats I felt like I lost sound quality after a while. And Soul is much better at the advertised noise-cancelling

    In terms of ‘hearing the little details’, I”d say that’s more true of Soul then Beats by Dre, at least at this level.

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