HeyDey Shoes – Another Sick Brand of Hightops

by Fashion Dude on March 18, 2011

There are a number of brands today competing in the “Hightop Sneaker” market however only a few have a formula worth remembering. Top brands such as Supra Shoes, Radii Shoes and Nike shoes have all cracked the code to making memorable sneakers and we think we have just found the latest addition to this exclusive list. HeyDey Shoes are simply unique, modern and stylish or as we like to say “SICK”. Here is a little about the brand taken from their own site “Heyday was founded in 2006 by Boston-based footwear designer Darin Hager. Hager has been a professional designer since 1995 and has worked with a diverse group of brands, including Puma and Sperry Top-Sider. Like most designers, Darin had always dreamed of having his own brand to showcase his own designs, undiluted by corporate design committees. Heyday’s design methodology is called Shoe Math and involves combining several different concepts or trends to create something completely new. Recognizing a void in the current retail environment for unique design concepts, Heyday caters to the niche of enlightened consumers looking to wear thoughtfully designed footwear with an original point of view”.

We are certain you will be seeing a lot of this brand in the near future, here are some of our favourites.

HeyDey Concept in Gray

HeyDey Concept in Gray

HeyDey shoes Shift RS in Red

HeyDey Shift RS in Red

HeyDey Shoes Super Deb Core

HeyDey Super Deb Core in White

HeyDey Shoes Super Shift

HeyDey Super Shift in Black

HeyDey Shoes Super Smooth

HeyDey Super Smooth in Black

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