How to Find the Right Dress Shirt

by Fashion Dude on January 29, 2013

Deciding which men’s dress shirts fit your body and your personality is personal—literally. Finding the best dress shirt style requires looking past the small, medium or large size of the overall package and focusing on the individual components.  Here are some great tips on how to find the right one for you.

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Consider the collar. The collar sets the tone of the garment; flattering the facial shape and influencing the level of formality. The type of collar also mandates which tie knots are appropriate. Collar styles are generally determined by the distance between the short sides of the points. Most men look professional with a standard point; however, round faces are flattered by longer points whereas men with narrower features prefer shorter point versions.

Contrast Collar

A strong confident person may prefer to wear a contrast collar, made with a different color fabric from the shirt, with matching French cuffs peaking from the jacket sleeve. White contrast is the most popular choice for business professionals. Large tie knots work best with spread collars—which have a wider spread between the points. Many experts suggest the cutaway spread collar is the most formal collar style for dress shirts.

Fitted Dress Shirts

The collar sets the tone for men’s dress shirts, but choosing the best fit has everything to do with how men look and feel. A dress shirt should closely fit your body type. Wearing a dress shirt that has too much extra fabric around the middle section or that fits too tightly across the chest is uncomfortable and looks sloppy when you remove your jacket.

Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

The athletic fit dress shirt is cut wider through the shoulders and is slightly tapered through the body of the garment to accommodate a larger chest while eliminating extra fabric around a slim waist line. Some styles have more room in the upper arms and larger cuffs to fit muscular bodies.

Tailored Dress Shirts

Men’s dress shirts with a tailored fit provide a cut that is contoured closer to the body. The tailored fit is suited to men that prefer a shirt without extra room in the chest and midsection. This style allows ease of movement without being loose or billowy.

Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Slender men find that the slim fit style works better for them than a regular-cut dress shirt. While the collar, cuff and sleeve length are the same as a regular fit garment, the chest is cut four to five inches narrower and tapers to a narrower waist.

Whether a dress shirt has a button-down collar, a straight collar, French cuffs or barrel cuffs, the details like top-stitching and edge-stitching are subtle elements that accentuate the image you want to project. Choosing a fit and style that is comfortable and compliments your personality is certain to please any audience.


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