HTC Sensation XE with Dr Dre Beats

by Fashion Dude on September 17, 2011

Here at we have brought you a lot of posts on killer headphones. In particular we LOVE Dr Dre Beats. The great doctor may never release DETOX or another album again, but he really does know how to put together a great sound system. Well now you can get that audio built into your phone. With the iPhone 5 soon to launch, HTC has readied for the phone war by providing custom made beats headphones that will deliver extraordinary sound.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats

This is pretty sweet for people who need quality music through their phone. The Dr Dre beats are still the a itsNOTFORgirls favorite even though we have brought you a comparison of them against 50 cents new sleek headphones. It will certainly make people think twice when the iPhone 5 comes out and may sway a few people towards a HTC purchase.

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