Jason Derulo to Co-Host MOBO Awards 2011

by misssneakerpimp on September 22, 2011

Jason Derulo Co-Host MOBO Awards 2011

Jason Derulo is set to co-host the MOBO awards  2011 in Glasgow on 5th October 2011. We know he likes to say his own name a lot in his songs but what else do we know about this American R’ n’ B star? Lets take a look at his style credentials…..

Jason Derulo Radii Straight Jacket Sneakers

It seems he’s got Michael Jackson’s trilby hat and now he’s got some MJ dance moves going on…but Michael Jackson never wore sneakers like these! Jason is getting his “owwwwwww” on with a pair of Radii Straight Jacket sneakers.

Jason Derulo MTV Awards

There’s a lot going on here. I think he might be trying a bit too hard with this all black ensemble but the Nooka Mercury Sunglasses and the Marc Jacobs M2588 sneakers must still be appreciated.

Jason Derulo Steve Madden Boots

Skinny jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket and Steve Madden boots make for a nice casual look.

Jason Derulo DoSomething.org and Staples Teen Choice Awards September 2011

Didn’t Justin Bieber sear this outfit recently!?! Nice leopard print hi-tops and crocodile skin waistcoat though, he’s like a one man jungle!


His style is a bit like a cross between Chris Brown and Kanye West….with a touch of Justin Bieber thrown in. We’ll give him a pass from the style class so keep an eye out on itsnotforgirls.com to see what he wears at the MOBOs 5th October 2011.

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