KENLU x Li-Ning Conquer – “Decade Camo” 10th Anniversary Edition

by Fashion Dude on September 4, 2011

Kenlu Li Ning Conquer Decade Camo

Kenlu Li Ning Conquer Decade Camo

Enthusiasm can be addictive, just ask the guys from KENLU. Ten years ago, a ragtag group of sneaker aficionados from Taiwan and elsewhere decided to create a virtual point of gathering for like-minded sneaker enthusiasts.

As a reflection of this past ten years and the intimate culture it nurtured, designed the “Decade Camo” basketball sneakers in conjunction with Chinese athletic brand giant Li-Ning.The camouflage is in reference to sneakerheads’ primal, almost militant, instinct to acquire the most sought after editions. The selection of digital camp sequence highlights KENLU’s medium as a digital media outlet. Tiny reflective crosses or “+” signs linger over the camp, each symbolic to the Chinese numeral of “10″ as in KENLU’s 10th anniversary.

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