King Baby Studios Jewelry- We Are Your Loyal Servants

by misssneakerpimp on September 23, 2011

Santa Monica based, King Baby Studio offers handcrafted pieces that unite chunky sterling silver with precious stones and leather. Half Rock n Roll, Half Outlaw Biker, Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry….

So that’s the official spiel, the real news is they’re a company that do awesome and unique jewelry and with a host of celebrity fans including Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna we thought it was time you got acquainted with the King….baby!!!

Usher Wearing King Baby Necklace

king baby studio skull and heart rosary

Usher rocks his King Baby with a classic black leather jacket and black jeans “biker” style.

Justin Bieber King Baby Studio Dog Tags

King Baby Studio Motif Dog Tag Necklace

Usher “mini-me” Justin Bieber goes for the same look… aww isn’t that cute!

justin timberlake king baby black onyx and silver skull bracelet

Justin Timberlake sports one of King Baby’s most popular pieces.

Justin Bieber King Baby Labradorite Bead Braclet

king baby studio labradorite bead bracelet

And not to be outdone by another Justin, Justin Bieber gets kitted out with a King Baby beaded bracelet too!

Rihanna Wearing King Baby Women's Line Queen Baby

The King Baby Studios originally catered exclusively for men but the brand’s popularity led to the development of the Queen Baby line for the ladies.

We say “Long live the king”!!!!!!!

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