Like A Pair Of Solar Flares on Your Feet! Check Out These Supra Skytops 2 – Kamikaze’s Revenge

by Fashion Dude on February 17, 2011

FACTORY 413 x Supra Skytop II   Kamikaze’s Revenge

Supra been a company that follows no conventional method, even when it names its product. Rather than a sequence in numerical order, it decided to billed the upcoming Skytop II Kamikaze Edition as “Kamikaze’s Revenge” instead. In reference to the original Skytop Kamikaze, issued in 2008, the follow-up applied the same full grain leather in red, black suede accents, and faux zebra motifs to the newer Skytop II form. This is the hottest use of a red colorway since the Supra TK Society “Raising Sun”. There are so many sneakers out there is cant be hard to decide on which pair is for you, check out our Sneaker Guide 2011 which brakes down the best in Supra, Radii and Nike.

supra skytops 2surpa skytops 2

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