The Way to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

by Fashion Dude on October 12, 2012

men's hairstyle tipsTo get silky smooth hair, using a blow dryer is integral to your post-shower ritual.  Most girls learn to blow dry their hair by watching their friends or family during their teen years.  However, dudes rarely have this instruction or know how to better achieve the hairstyles that seem to drive women – crazy.  Regardless of whether you regularly use a dryer or air dry naturally, here are some basic tips so you have low maintenance model-quality hair before you leave the house.

You probably already have at least one basic comb lying around your bathroom.  Ideally, you want to use a comb that has both a fine tooth and a wide tooth side to it.  This way, you can start combing with the wide teeth as you continue to dry and then use the tighter end to add finishing touches when your hair is mostly dry.  To prevent frizz or prevent the heat from damaging your hair, consider applying a heat protecting serum.

Though that warm air feels soothing on your face and temples, direct the air flow of the dryer downwards as you blow your hair – it will influence the way it lies once for the rest of the day.  Avoid blowing your hair up and away from your face, as this leads to unmanageably wild hair that is difficult to style – unless you purposely want that wind-tunnel-hair.

bad hairstyles

You should use the dryer on all parts of your head evenly, not just the parts that feel particularly wet.  With each section of hair, aim the blow dryer first at your scalp where the hair begins and then along the length of the hair towards the tip.  This is the best way to get an even look all over.

As you are drying your hair, don’t forget to dry the back of your scalp, behind your ears and near your neck.  When you look directly in the mirror, you only see the front of your hair, but don’t neglect the back or you might look like Trumpety Trump above!  Avoid the mistake of having unruly hair towards the back by drying your hair evenly.  When your hair is mostly dry, switch the temperature from warm to cool in order to help set your look and limit the exposure to potentially damaging heat.

If you sport bangs longer than the rest of your hair (like the model in the pic), you will want to choose a direction to blow them in.  This is the best way to get silky smooth hair framing your face for the best look.  Once your hair is completely dry, wet your comb or fingers with a little water to further style your bangs.  Now, your hair is primed for applying styling products or simply heading out the door.


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