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by Fashion Dude on October 4, 2011

The Man Bag Becomes Popular!!

It wasn’t too long ago when carrying a “Man Bag” would of earned you a load of stick from your mates (remember this scene in friends) and possibly a look of dissapointment from your father, those days have well and truly gone! Well, for the most part anyway, but it is now fashionably acceptable to wear and carry a stylish man-bag.

Mens fashion has progressed to a slimmer silhouette and the with the design of our jeans becoming tighter the man bag not only acts as an accessory but it becomes extremely practical as well. You only have to look into your pockets and gadget arsenal to see you may have a smart phone, wallet, tablet, change, keys etc etc. So why not make this practical accessory a cool one?

Check out the bag styles you should be looking at this coming season!

Mens Backpacks

“Backpacks Back, Backpacks Are Back, All These Guys Are Saying I Brought Backpacks Back!!!” Ok so that didn’t sound as cool as Tyga and Chris Breezy bringing back Snapbacks but backpacks are extremely popular at the minute especially in the hiphop scene. It is sort of the more casual bag as it is associated with a younger audience and the materials give of a more relaxed and less professional feel than a leather bag would. In saying that many premium designers have been entering this area and coming out with their own versions of the backpack – certainly an area to watch.

Mens Satchels

indiana Jones is Back, Indiana Jones is… Ok so we won’t go through that again, the satchel has always been quite popular and it’s popularity is constantly growing with the introduction of new designs and collections. A satchel carries with it masculinity, and if the wise words of Alan Garner from the hangover have an impact on us men, look out an influx of satchels on your local high street – “it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.”

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