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by Fashion Dude on July 23, 2015

With technology becoming an ever more intrinsic part of our lives, it’s not surprising that efforts have been made to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing.

 A few decades ago the latest technology focused on home appliances, but as our devices have become smaller and more user-friendly, there has been the gradual development of fashionable tech that aims to not only function well, but look good too.



Fashionable Tech - Apple Watch and other top wearables


The big tech story of this year was the Apple Watch. Released in April, the smartwatch grabbed headlines and created a huge consumer demand thanks to little incredible functionality and sleek looks.

 The Apple Watch is a prime example of wearable technology that is able to perform many functions of a smartphone, but is operable from the wrist. This fulfils an increasing demand to be able to text and make calls, organise business meetings, and even play online games like Goldify courtesy of LadyLucks, all from the convenience of a wristwatch.

But a central part of the watch’s appeal is its ability to be customised. So from a vast array of interchangeable watch straps ranging from multi-coloured sports versions to the standard stainless steel link and leather buckle, to a selection of different sized watch faces, there’s something for everyone. But it’s the Apple Watch Edition that has really caught the eye of the fashion world. At £8000, it’s not cheap, but the 18 carat gold casing will guarantee it sets an extravagant style statement.

However, it’s not all about Apple, as several impressive fashion houses have also jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon. Not least, the American fashion firm Guess recently revealed their first entry into the smartwatch market with the Guess Connect Smartwatch that is highly stylish, but allows the user to perform a range of tasks thanks to its discreet OLED screen.



Beats by Dre in white - wearable tech for hipsters and beyond


Another technological appliance that has become embedded in our culture is the set of headphones. And in particular, the Beats By Dre headphones not only deliver pristine audio quality, but also have became stylish too. Thanks to their celebrity endorsement, the brand became swiftly aligned with urban cool, but with a range of eye-catching colours and customisable features, the headphones could easily be accessorised to any outfit.

 Of course, not every music lovers wants their headphones to be big and chunky, which is where the likes of Stelle Audio Earbud Locke comes in. This features a chic necklace locket that contains the compact, yet stylish earphones that play music and can receive calls. So even if you’re on the move, you’ll always be able to enjoy the latest tech and stay stylish!

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