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Ice Fashion Watches Guide 2011

Flud Watch Logo

1. Flud Watches

Description:Flud are relatively new in the market founded just 4 years ago but have gone from strength to strength with their modern, flash and yet affordable timepieces. In an effort to bring the watch back to its rightful place as one of the ultimate accessories, the concept for FLUD was born. Thier goal was to create unique, fresh watches for the casual and streetwear scene without the pretentiousness or price tag.

Model Recommendation: Flud Exchange

WHERE: Flud Watches (Click Here)

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Ice Watch Logo

2. Ice Watches

Description:Originally started in 2007, in the space of around three years the brand has literally become an overnight success, with hundreds of celebrities and well know people currently wearing one of their watches with pride, with its designer feel and stunning presentation making this a watch you really want to wear.The brand offers something different to most other brands on the market.

Model Recommendation: Ice Chrono

WHERE: Ice-Watch (Click Here)

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Android Watch Logo

3. Android Watch

Description:Founded in 1991, Android came to fruition through Wing Liangs’ fascination and dedication to create a futuristic timepiece that could combine the traditional values of watch making with modern day living. ‘It’s like giving a well known vintage wine a new label. Android watches are unique in the sense that you can single out the brand from any other watch.

Model Recommendation: Tattooed Banker Automatic

WHERE: Android Watches (Click Here)

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Nooka Watches

4. Nooka Watches

Description:Nooka Watches are the brainchild of Matthew Waldman, a multidisciplinary artist and designer in New York City. Matthew engineered the brand name to evoke futurism by incorporating the sound ‘nu’ from both “nuclear and “new”. Another narrative is that “Nooka” is a contraction of “New Yorker” with a local accent. The utopian future ethos of the brand is sometimes expressed with the tagline word of “nooismo™”.

Model Recommendation: Nooka MTV Zub Zenh Headphones

WHERE: Nooka Watch (Click Here)

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Casio Watch

5. Casio Watch

Description:Despite being around for a long time and labelled the “just for telling the time” watch Casio have revamped themselves into being one of the most popular watches in the market today. Celebs like Eminem have helped by wearing the timepieces in his latest videos.

Model Recommendation: G Shock

WHERE: Casio UK or Casio USA (Click Here)

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Fossil Watch Logo

6. Fossil Watch

Description:Fossil was founded in 1984 as Overseas Products International. Their main product was fashion watches with a retro look. In 1990, they introduced leather goods under the Fossil brand, and the Relic line of watches. Today they have a wide range of impressive time pieces.

Model Recommendation: Decker Silicone Chronograph

WHERE: Fossil Watch Store (Click Here)

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Citizen Watch

7. Citizen Watch

Description:The Citizen Watch Company, Ltd. was established in 1930.Citizen is the world’s largest watch company. More people depend on a watch made by Citizen than other timepiece. Citizen produced 292 million timepieces in 1999, about 24% of the world total. There grip on the watch market has never loosened with their constant release of attractive and stylish watches.

Model Recommendation: Citizen Promaster Divers

WHERE: Citizen Watch (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

Nixon Watch Logo

8. Nixon Watch

Description:Nixon is an accessories company for the youth lifestyle market founded in 1997 by Andy Laats & Chad DiNenna in Encinitas, California. Nixon began with a small line of custom built, team designed watches with focused distribution in specialty surf, skate, snow, and fashion stores. Expanding into accessories and limited softgoods in 2000, Nixon has continued its growth into over 25 countries and is now part of Billabong International.

Model Recommendation: The Murf

WHERE: Nixon Now (Click Here)

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KR3W Watch

9. KR3W Watch

Description:KR3W is a skateboarding apparel company based in Costa Mesa, California, founded and owned by Angel Cabada in 2002. Cabada was previously a partner in TSA Clothing, another skateboard apparel company, but left shortly before its demise. In 2006, KR3W launched a skateboard footwear company, Supra Footwear!! Need we say anymore, these guys know fashion.

Model Recommendation: Phantom

WHERE: Kr3w Denim (Click Here)

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O'Clock Watch

10. O’Clock Watch

Description: Brand new on the scene these pieces are perfect for the summer as they come in a wide range of bright colours. Stylish and reasonably priced they are the perfect accessory for each look you have in your arsenal.

Model Recommendation: Camouflage

WHERE: O’Clock USA (Click Here)

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