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by Fashion Dude on February 27, 2013

Eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory.  Like everything else glasses have come a long way in both technology and style.  So many of us wear some form of eyewear, and if you are going to wear glasses you might as well look – fresh!  As they say smart-chic is in right now – the look has been sported by numerous celebrities including Justin Tiimberlake, David Beckham and hoopsters such as D. Wade and Kevin Durant and King James.

celebrity glasses men

The great thing is there is no shortage of men’s eyewear available online.  They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your style and needs – prescription or not.  Black plastic frames are widely popular for making that cool, geeky statement, and they are quite versatile, although you do have to be somewhat cautious.  Wayfarer and Aviator styles are ideal for retro looks while rimless (or semi-rimless) glasses are great for those that don’t want glasses to stand out as they virtually disappear on your face.  If you are looking for that sleek, smart and sharp image, check out the Porsche Design collection.

eyeglasses trends mens

Pick out the style that enhances your features.  When ordering online, there are easy tools and articles to help you with your purchasing decision.  Another easy way is to get measurements from the pair that you already own and compare those specs online.


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