Dress to Impress – Style Tips for the Big Interview

by Fashion Dude on May 27, 2013

Image is a very important factor when applying for a job.  Whether you’re applying to a low-level sales opening, a mid-level management job or even an executive position, it’s extremely important to present yourself as a classy, confident individual that exudes professionalism.

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The modern man is now understanding how image can make or break their opportunity of getting that coveted position, and are thus, deciding to revamp their style to captivate potential employers.  If you find yourself preparing for a job interview, the following fashion tips could help employers separate you from the rest of the flock.

Ties and Shirts

Most men usually show up to interviews using bland, solid colors for shirts.  It looks even worse (unless done correctly) when you show up with a solid-colored shirt and a matching solid tie.  That may have flown in the 1950s, but in post-Mad Men era, shirts and ties are now being used to add splashes of color to your ensemble.  Pay close attention to tie fabrics.  Silk ties, alone with bow ties and cumberbunds, are very big this season so make sure to add a few to your wardrobe closet.

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Be bold when you choose a tie.  Your tie doesn’t necessarily have to have the same color as your shirt, but instead can be complementary or contrasting.  If not complemented with the right color, shirts can clash with whatever you chose to wear. For example, if you decide to wear a solid, dark colored shirt (be it blue or grey), it’s best to throw in a red, orange or even light pink tie to add a pop of color to your ensemble.

Checkered shirts are also now being seen on the runways in New York, Paris and Milan, so why not add them to your wardrobe.  They go great with colorful ties and nicely tailored suits.

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Suits, Cuts and Fabrics

Most guys just go to the nearest men’s outlet and buy whatever seems to fit them, commonly being a loose fit.  However, modern style trends are gearing toward tailored suits that show off shape, so stop showing up like a frump to that job interview.  Fabric is also a big deal during warmer seasons.

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Polyblends and wool suits are not encouraged to wear during Summer, they seem to seal in heat and sweat, which would not feel, look nor smell that pleasant in that interview.  Also, consider color and patterns when buying your suit.  For Summer, stick to light-colored, cool blues or checkered suits.


Shoes may be overlooked by most men, but a good pair of shoes will demonstrate your attention to detail.  Try to stay away from square-shaped shoes.  As mentioned before, be bold!  Sure, everyone was wearing square tips a few years ago, but now, don’t be afraid to debut a pair of pointed leather shoes.

Also, please don’t overlook shoelaces!  Formal shoes (interview shoes) must be tied with an upward-facing knot, it’s professionally presentable.  You wouldn’t want to show up with a tacky, tennis shoe knot to your big interview.  If you just want to avoid the knots in general, why not wear a pair of leather loafers?  They’re comfortable while sleek and easy manage.

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As you prepare for the big interview, understand that the best thing that you can put on is confidence.  If you don’t have the right attitude, your wardrobe loses it’s captivating power, for image is nothing without self-confidence; but if you show up with your head held high with a great fitted suit, a cool vintage watch and a pair of Gucci shoes, you’ll definitely leave a great, lasting impression.

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