Mens Shaving Kit From The Hand Made Soap Company

by The Rebel on January 17, 2012

Today we have a very cool product for you. We have never done anything like this before but after reading their story and sampling their product we felt we had to show you. Todays product is from thehandmadesoapcompany, they have alot of men and womans grooming products but their shaving kit is really impressive. Have a read about how their company came to be:

I started to do some research and quickly realized that I didn’t know much about wet shaving with  a safety razor at all.  So I bought myself a leading brand safety razor and some well known soaps and set to work. I found that while the lather was great these soaps were slightly drying on my skin. I knew I could make a much more moisturising soap but that I had to really improve my lather quality. So I needed to delve alot deeper into the chemistry of Shaving Soap.

So I did.

After months of research, hard work and trial and error, I have produced a soap that I am very proud of. It is a magnificent 100% natural handmade shaving soap that is particularly suited for sensitive skin. While its sweet spot comes a bit later than some mass produced commercial soaps, once the lather is produced it is as good as any on the market, BUT THE REAL STRENGHT OF THIS SOAP IS HOW IT LEAVES THE SKIN FEELING. It moisturises and nourishes and is an artisian handmade product made only from the finest natural ingredients.”

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We highly recommend checking them out. They have some great products :) Check them out here

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