Men’s Suits: Things to Consider…

by Fashion Dude on February 28, 2013

The Sales Guy Will Be Working…

If you walk into a men’s suit store, don’t be overcome by the sales tactics of the guy working there. He has to work like everybody else, so don’t blame the guy, but just remember to go in knowing exactly what it is you want.

More often than not, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, you will be upsold and end up coming out with half of the store, most of which you don’t need or want.

The emergence of high street brands has allowed quality suits to be available without going to a high end ‘Savile Row’ tailors. Reputable brands like Ted Baker offer designer suits that are fitted, and their Endurance range combines high performance fabrics with hidden detailing and traditional tailoring.

The Jacket should be tight….

The centre piece of the suit is intrinsic to your look. You don’t need to lift your arms in the air to see if your jacket fits; it should lie very closely to your sides, and go in slightly to the middle.

Arguably, it should be a little restricting if you are looking to get the ultra-tailored look. Remember, you are not going to be doing any heavy lifting in your jacket, therefore if you can fit more than a fist in-between your chest and the suit, it is too big.

Don’t Shirk your Shirt…

Don’t think you have to spend a fortune getting a decent shirt to go with your suit. You can get white shirts relatively cheaply, although it is important that the fit is correct. If the shirt is baggy around the waist when tucked in, go to the tailor and get it altered. You don’t want your shirt ruining your look.

Shirts will not last as long as your suit, so if you find a colour or fit that works very well with your suit, buy a couple to ensure you can keep your look.  This shouldn’t cost much, and when you are spending so much on a suit, the last thing you want is a baggy shirt ruining your style.

Simple Lines, Simple Colours, Simply Style…

Keep it simple, stupid. Although you may be tempted to go all Willy Wonka when you are buying a new suit, but buying something that you will be able to wear at any occasion will make it timeless, allowing you to get years’ worth of wear out of your suit.

Black is often a bit of a no-no unless you are a gangster or attending a wedding. A dark blue or charcoal suit is often the most effective colour as you can use it time and time again for a wedding, christening, you name it, you will be the most stylish there.

I would personally go for a ‘European Cut’, as I find the slim style more stylish and flattering, but the Savile Row cut is also for some people. I would encourage everyone to avoid the American ‘Sack Cut’, the most unflattering suit of them all.

Get the Fit right…

A suit doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but bear in mind, the less you pay, the more will have to be changed at the tailor. This is a total requirement to get exactly the right fit and look sharp. Key measurements include:

  • Arm length – Short enough to show some sleeve from your shirt.
  • Trouser Length – Measure from the bottom of your crotch to just above your shoe. You want to be able to stand without showing your socks.
  • Shoulders – Make sure the seam sits right on the edge of your shoulders. Arguably the most important measurement as this is difficult to tailor.

What things do you look for when buying a suit? Let us know in the comments below.

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