Your Go-To Summer Accessories

by Fashion Dude on April 22, 2015

Cool accessories are an easy way to personalize your style.  They are must-haves in my fashion book.  All it requires is a couple of accessories to take a regular style to “looking dope” this season.  My latest finds are from HURSY where you can find an exclusive collection of bracelets and necklaces that are made from the highest quality of precious stones.

hursy mens accessories

Here are summer accessory picks to take you from here til well through summer & beyond – Agate Precious Stone Necklaces & Agate Precious Stone Bracelets.  Bead accessories have always been my favorite, so I really dig these pieces.  Blue agate beads have a serious summer appeal which reminds me of the upcoming family beach getaway in June.  The bracelet will make a sweet duo with my wooden watch.  Wear it alone or layer the bracelet with your favorite watch like I do.

Just in time for warm temperatures, the necklace will nicely top a muscle tee.  I wouldn’t wear the bracelet and the necklace together as shown in the pic above, but, to each their own.

Available in blue, black and black/blue combo.  I personally prefer the blue that adds eye-catching color to my outfits whether for work or hanging out at the beach.  Your lady might sneak a necklace from you so keep on the look out!  Use coupon code 10OFF at checkout to get 10% off on every purchase at www.

mens hamsa bracelet

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Hursy.  All opinions expressed in this post are purely my own.

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