Summer Must-Haves

by Fashion Dude on June 29, 2012

Today I’m going to talk about some things we all probably want this summer.  From fashion to things that keep us from doing dumb things, here are my favorite picks for summer.

The chambray shorts are not only comfortable but also lightweight and lean compared to cargo shorts.  Pair the shorts with this broken-in tee.  Its versatile style looks equally cool paired with jeans.  My first choice when it comes to belts has to be mens designer belts.  Anderson’s brown woven belt is fantastic in terms of design and durability.  If you like to experiment with camo print – in the easiest way possible – start with boxer briefs.  You can check out a nice selection of mens underwear from Serpents Lair.

For you beach bums, these triangle-print swim shorts surely beat those ridiculous floral patterns you see so much.  For as long as I can remember, boat shoes and sandals (flip flops, whatever) are essential in my summer wardrobe.  Reef sandals are a no-brainer pick for hot & sticky weather.  This straw fedora is a sweet change from your oil soaked baseball cap – will keep you cool headed.  One cologne you must give a whiff to is The One Sport by Dolce & Gabanna.  It’s the brand’s first sporty fragrance and a personal favorite of mine as well.  The verdict?  Swanky, not stanky.

Lastly, have this little breath analyser keychain handy any time you want to throw down a few away from home.  Never drink and drive.  EVER.  When in doubt, just blow!  Surprisingly, you can find more nifty gifts for men like this breathalyzer at the Discovery store.  Who knew!

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