Hello Winter

by Fashion Dude on November 17, 2012

Here we are again, as expected the freezing cold days have arrived followed by the even colder nights. Staying at home through the wintery nights is every man’s ideal time of year to brush up on their FIFA and COD skills. Venturing outside isn’t an option many men relish, facing the harsh reality of winter. As disastrous as this may sound it can be pretty amazing! Walks through the park with the other half, being dragged through icy streets to find that ‘new vintage store that opened’ that you just don’t care about! I paint a pretty picture don’t I?

But never fear lads, despite this sounding like every man’s nightmare; it gives you the opportunity to become up to date in the latest male fashion trends you are missing out on by spending your life sat in front of your Xbox. As you were probably told on numerous occasions by the women in your life, it’s time to smarten up and opt for something more stylish.

This is where I come into action; I have written this post to give you guys some advice on cool winter looks for this season.

Invest in winter boots and coat

My main piece of advice is to invest in a stylish coat and boots, so when you are being dragged around from shop to shop at least you will be dressed appropriately for the occasion and not fall on your face. These boots from House of Fraser are the perfect choice if you want to get the most out of your money and they go with absolutely everything. I would suggest a neutral colour for the coat- dark navy you can’t go wrong as it will go with the majority of clothes in your wardrobe.

Not only is it important to wear a great coat and some cool winter boots, if I were you I would work on accessories.  From the picture I wanted to stress that miss matches are the way forward….but make it work. Don’t go teaming green and red, but focus on browns, dark green and white. I feel it is important to keep it simple and effortlessly cool. Trust me, by doing this you will be scoring some big brownie points with the Mrs!

As the weather is only going to get colder, my main advice is to layer up. Invest in a cool woolly jumper and warm scarf, these can be worn with absolutely everything and will go perfectly with those new boots and classic coat.

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