Nike Back to the Future Limited Sneakers – McFly Hellooooooo These are Awesome

by Fashion Dude on September 13, 2011

Everyone knows the back to the future series of films. What you should also know is the second film featured some pretty awesome nike sneakers, I mean, check out these bad boys:

Nike Limited Back to the Future Sneakers

Well lucky for all us uber nerds (yes, you heard it first the itsNOTFORgirls team area  little nerdy), Nike have decided to release these sneakers as a tribute to one of the best series of films ever made. Check out how these look today (Michael J Fox is looking a tad older)

Nike Limited Back to the Future Sneakers

Now we love sneakers but even we aren’t crazy enough to spend 24k one them, that’s a whole pile of supra shoes or any other of your favorite brands that we feature. But that little pixie rapper Tinie Tempah really does love his sneakers as he forked out 24k for these bad boys. Tinie that sure did make us PASS OUT in the office.

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