Nike Boots – Should They Stick To What They Are Good At?

by Fashion Dude on April 9, 2011

Nike’s attempt to fell the Timberland forest while still keeping faith in the old guard could well turn out to be a gamble as their new Nike boots kick their way into the shops. The strategy is obvious with the new Goadome, Goadera and Pinchot models: kill as many birds as possible with the one stone. One look at these big, black, regimented mofos and you can imagine doing serious damage to any poor birds that happen to fly by. You’d have to catch them first though. We are told that the Goadome’s “smooth out broken pavement and cracked concrete.” We can only assume this is because they are so bulky! Goading (couldn’t resist) shoppers with a lofty price tag, it’s hard not to look at these newbies and see them exactly for what they are-a pair of sneakers crossed with shoes. It’s always going to be one or the other for us but I’ll let you guys decide.

Nike Goadome Boot

Nike Goadome Boot - Big, black n’ bulky

Nike Pinchot Boot

Nike Pinchot Boot - Don’t go kickin’ birds yo!









The Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot-Funky and comfy.

However, it can’t be denied that the new Air Max 90 Sneakerboot doesn’t wander too far off the beaten track from the classic footwear we all know and love. The colours are quite funky and the combination of the air-sole cushioning from the running shoe and the leather upper and lug outsole make these Nike boots rise high above the rest.

Should Nike stick to what they are good at? The jury is still out.

Nike Air Max Boot

Nike Air Max Boot


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