Real Men Wear Bow Ties

by Fashion Dude on March 14, 2015

Sure we’ve seen male celebrities at red carpet events wearing bow ties and if you are like me you probably think “ok, works for them!” but you might be hesitant to try the look for yourself. Or perhaps the last time you actually donned a bow tie was for your High School prom or when you got hitched?

I can relate honestly. I used to think bow ties were just for waiters, grooms or for those dudes that had eclectic personalities. That has all changed for me in the last couple of years as I have ventured out much more as part of my fashion evolution. Truthfully, bow ties are much more mainstream than they’ve ever been and you can really look dapper if you do it right and can make as lasting impression on people thanks to that little baby!

mens bow ties photos how to wear the look and by stylish
photos via Asos, Fashion Attendant

I personally prefer the thinner bows that tend to blend more effortlessly with the rest of the outfit rather than standing out too much & becomes more of the focal point. Take a peek at this helpful infographic guide below to get you much more familiar with bow ties, what you can do with them and how to get one tied for pete sakes!

How to tie a bow tie an where to wear one
The above infographic was provided by Knightsbridge Neckwear.


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