by Fashion Dude on August 3, 2012

Beatles fashion

Here at INFG there is one thing we prefer ‘em slim other than the girls – TIES.  Popularity started in the 60′s – thanks to the Beatles – skinny ties are the hip accessory in men’s fashion today.  Compared to traditional fatties, these skinnies have that laid-back cool vibe yet are highly versatile at the same time.  Mind you, these narrow ties are not flattering on everyone – consider your proportions.

hip urban style

Skinny ties are an easy way to jazz up a basic outfit, like a white button up and jeans.  And of course, with a modern suit for a more formal look.  It’s safest to go with solid hues, preferably in black.  Keep it simple.  Dig colored ties?  Check out these cheapies.

skinny tie style

mens suit runway

David Beckham rocked his signature worn-in denims with a classic white shirt layered under a vest, accented with a skinny tie (we prefer the pointy end).  Bonus – messy beard is a hit for many ladies.  Put your own stank on it according to your style.

David Beckham style

Last but not least, here’s how-to-tie-a-skinny-tie video.

Photos via MrBlasberg, Style, BuzzFoto

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