Supra Hightops Sneakers Guide 2011


1. The Supra Skytop II in Black & Red Suede

Description: These are a Chad Muska ( signature shoe and were officially released as part of their spring 2010 collection. These are an evolution of the supra skytop and are a lot higher, and suited to skinny jeans. They have a distinctive tongue design with 2 pull holes, wax laces, heel protection molded into high memory polyurethane sockliner..

COST: $130 (€95)

WHERE: Karmaloop (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear: The Core Collection Slim Straight Jeans in Triple Black will be a great look beside the suede and wax of the Supra Skytop II in Black Suede. Click Here.
What Not To Wear: Baggy jeans will make you look like MC Hammer with these on.

Supra TK Society Black and Red

2. Supra TK Society in Black & Red

Description: The Supra TK Society is a Terry Kennedy pro model. The pair we have chosen at number two are predominantly red with black and white straps. They are one of the stand out pair in the society range. They are easily recognisable with their extra large tongue and ankle strap.

COST: $136 (€99)

WHERE: Karmaloop (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear: The Core Collection Skinny Jean in Light Grey are a great look alongside the red of the Supra TK Society (Grey / Black Skinny are the recommended Jean). Click here to get them
What Not To Wear: BLUE JEANS. Yes that’s right, blue jeans are not a good look with a red sneaker. You will look Michael J Fox in back the future … DATED (and a little forgetful – ok, low blow maybe).

3. Supra Bandit in Blue Suede

Description: You can’t always rawk the big high tops. You need a smarter shoe for those occasions when the high top is too much. The Supra Bandit in Blue Suede is from Tom Penny’s brand new signature model. Tom Penny is a pro skater, best known for his master of frontside flips and many kickflip variations. The Supra Bandit in Blue Suede feature stars and canvas detail on the heal. These are a complete steal in terms of price !!

COST: $71 (€52)

WHERE: PickYourShoes (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear: The Diesel Shioner 8Y8 Slim Jeans in dark wash with dyed stitching. These are a great pair of jeans for a more casual sneaker like the Supra Blue Bandits. Click here to get them
What Not To Wear: Light blue jeans are horrible with a blue suede pair of sneakers. Avoid like the plague.

Supra Skytop 2 Dark Brown

4. Supra Skytop 2 Dark Brown Full Grain Leather

Description: If you need a pair of hightops that are a little more dressy than your average pair, these are for you. They are from Chad Muska and are an evolution of the first model (Supra Skytop Muksa). This pair of sneakers are a 2 tone dark brown and really sleek looking. The Skytop 2 is a lot higher than it’s predecessor so be careful with the jeans you choose.

COST: £129 (€151)

WHERE: Flatspot (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating:SICK

What to Wear: To set these brown hightop sneakers off, you need jeans that are slim, grey and they have to be from ORISUE (it’s a must). This pair of IIIiam slim fit in grey are perfect to wear with a brown hightop. They are exclusive to Karmaloop.
What Not To Wear: Never wear baggy trousers with the Skytop II and dark blue isn’t a good Jean for brown hightops (actually, dark jeans in general are not good with black, unless they are waxed). We recommend a lighter Jean like the one above.

Super Cool Grey Vaider

5. Supra “Cool Grey” Vaider (Limited Edition)

Description: This is the first limited edition sneakers we have featured in this guide. We are not massive fans of the Vaiders, but this exclusive pair for are a little different from the norm. To get technical, this pair incorporates many new techniques never previously utilized, including neoprene moustache, round rope laces and all-white textured foxing without a toe bumper. But enough of that !! These are a really cool pair of Supra sneakers at a great price.

COST: $85 (€62)

WHERE: (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

What to Wear: Grey hightops are flexible when it comes to matching with a sick pair of denim. For these we recommend the the Diesel Krooley 8X9 Straight Jeans .
These are a straight fit through the leg, bleached and frayed grey vintage wash. They are perfect for the Vaider shape and this sparkling grey color.
What Not To Wear: You will probably say “of course”, but we need to mention it …. don’t wear GREY denim with it. The diesel jeans we have chosen are greyish, but bleached, so they don’t look whack. It’s a fine line, you don’t want to end up looking too greyish !!

Supra Muska Skytop Shoes Tuf Black

6. Supra Muska Skytop Shoes Tuf Black

Description:The original Muska Skytop is the original, god father of them all, hightop. It’s the old schoolers (and new schoolers) hightop of choice. You need to have a pair of these in your wardrobe. It’s the law for any true “hightop conosur”, featuring Supra’s Tuf technology upper for superior abrasion resistance. These are the shoe most hightops are built on.

COST: $109 (€80)

WHERE: Skatewarehouse (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

What to Wear: The Supra Muska Skytop Tuf Black goes with a lot of jeans, but to get a really good look, look for a pair of well fitted grey denim jeans from Obey, like The Juvee Modern Tight Jean in Raw Gray
What Not To Wear: Dark jeans can always ruin your look when put together with a dark pair of hightops like the black Muska. We recommend you avoid dark blue (waxed or not) and black. Look for light pairs from Obey (like the above) or Diesel have some cool skinny jeans.

Supra Skytop Goldies Limited Edition

7. Supra Skytop “Limited” Goldies

Description:Here we are going old school again, plus a limited edition as well !!. Not to be confused with the gold Skytops released in the same year as these (2008), the “Goldie” Supra have an extra panel of black as well as a repeating stamped pattern of the Supra crown logo. Unlike the 14k Supra Skytops, to break up the color and designs Supra added a little black into the mix.

COST: $79.99 (€59)


itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: Gold hightops are not for the faint hearted. They are difficult to match against a pair of denims. We are going back to ORISUE to compliment the Gold. The ORISUE Stack Classic Fit Jean in Denim
are the perfect shape & color to give you a great look. The raw blue color is perfect, slightly baggy and low hanging.
What Not To Wear: There is a lot you can put into this category for gold hightops. We recommend staying clear of having skinny jeans, you will look like a crazy raver from the 80′s that hasn’t updated his style yet. Look at the raw blue color above and low hanging jeans (G-Star Raw are good for these) are your friend when it comes to these hightops.

Supra Thunder Hightop in Tuf Black

8. The Supra Thunder Hightop in Tuf Black

Description:In the epic words of Monty Pyton “and now for something completely different” (we think that’s right). Here we are going for a lower model in the thunder hightop in tuf black (waxed as well). These are a very sick “smart” pair of sneakers, the well behaved cousin to the supra skytop shoes in tuf black.

COST: $80 (€58)


itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: Be very careful with these sneakers, they can quickly go wrong and you could end up looking like a right Muppet !!!. Luckily we have sorted it out for you with these Edwin Sen Selvedge Skinny Jeans.Edwin is the Japanese premium jeans by Edwin with a skinny style with bleached creased effect.
What Not To Wear: Don’t wear boot cut (straight cut) or jeans that will flop over the shoe. If you do, they need to be a little shorter than usual (if you are a 30, they should be 29), or else you will end up walking on your jeans, which is really annoying and leaves you with the “I am a crusty student” look.

Supra Skytop Kola Brown

9. The Supra Skytop Kola Brown

Description:Now to a much underrated pair of Supra Skytops. These are an extremely difficult pair to find. The supra skytop in kola brown are really stylish and stand out from the norm.

COST: $138 (€100)

WHERE: AMAZON (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: These hightops go with a lot, but for a really nice look, we recommend a skinny fade design, just like these Diesel Thavar 8×2 Skinny Jeans.
What Not To Wear: Brown hightops go with a lot, but stay away from dark blue denim, they can really throw off the look and ruin your new kicks.

10. The Supra Skytop 2 in Blue & Gold

Description:This is without doubt one of the most popular sneakers Supra have released and are popular with the celebs. They would be higher on our list but the blue is difficult to match against a sick pair of Jeans. These aren’t the first pair of Supra Skytops 2 in our list so you already know they have distinctive pull holes on the tongue and internal neoprene sleeve for fantastic comfort, fit and performance.

COST: $112 (€82)

WHERE: Karmaloop (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: Like we mentioned above, this shade of blue can be difficult to match against a cool pair of denims. Well fear not, to get the look right, you need to go for Gstar dark blue like these G Star Attacc Straight Jeans
What Not To Wear: There is lot’s of denim that won’t suit these hightops, this is the reason they are so far down on our list. But you really need to stay away from light blue and as we keep saying, baggy jeans are huge error with the Skytops 2.