Spirit Hoods- Unleash Your Inner Animal!

by misssneakerpimp on September 26, 2011

Spirit Hoods are animal inspired faux fur accessories for men, women, and children. They donate a portion of their online proceeds to several non-profit organisations dedicated to wildlife conservation….. which is awfully nice of them and all but do people really want to dress up like furry animals for the winter??? With a host of celebrity fans the answer would seem to be YES PLEASE!!! This sure is one of the crazier fashion trends of recent times but I must admit on the right person they do look pretty awesome. We’ve helped you out with some celebs sporting the spirit hood to help you make up your own mind. Are you WILD enough???

Spirit Hoods Mens Winter 2011/ 2012

Justin Bieber Spirit Hood 2011

Snoop Dog Spirit Hood 2011

Method Man Spirit Hood 2011

Pharrell Spirit Hood 2011

Bruno Mars Spirit Hood 2011

Jared Leto Spirit Hood 2011

Conan O'Brien Spirit Hood 2011

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