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by Fashion Dude on September 18, 2014

Johnnie Walker Blue Label smooth whisky scotch blend

Growing up my Step Father always had a bottle of Johnnie Walker on hand.  He once told me that I would one day understand why such a distinct and quality scotch whisky was well worth the price tag.  Not so many years later (well, more years than I care to admit) I have indeed come to the conclusion that for the right occasion calls for something that is top shelf!

In this short film directed Jake Scott , Jude Law and & Giancarlo Giannini are seen sailing the Virgin Islands enjoying Johnnie Walker Blue Label when Law decides to make things interesting. A very clever yet risky Gentlemen’s wager ensues.  Watch for yourself below.

I must say that Law’s dancing is not something to boast about but the theatrics, bravado and style came through in his routine which led to a victorious scene where the roles are now reversed and Law is throwing down the same spiel in the face of his now boat-less friend.

Of course the wager continues as now Giannini wants a chance to win back his boat.  Classic!  Now, the Blue Label is a rare and unique Scotch Whisky that is handpicked by a Master Blender so you will have to splurge a bit for most of us out there but in those special moments you want to drink something that says “this is memorable”.  The take away is really this is how gentlemen do things and when you’re sipping a luxurious glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label your wagers will become a thing of legend!  Well, maybe not but if my experience with other Johnnie Walker blends is any indication of how Blue Label will taste I’d be willing to throw down a little wager of my own!

Jude Law in Gentlemen's Wager for Johhnie Walker Blue Label

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker, but all thoughts are our own.

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