Sponsored Video: Have a Smooth Valentine’s Day

by Fashion Dude on February 12, 2014

The world’s most romantic day is now just days if not hours away for most of us (depending on time zone) so what are you planning for you and your love interest?  Along with showering that special lady with sweet gifts and heartfelt words there is one very important thing every man should not forget especially on Valentine’s Day!  What exactly is that you may ask, well let me tell you!

It’s really all about being smooth, that’s right smooth I said!  Sure, you can be smooth with your words and your methods but more importantly than all of that is being smooth where it really counts.  Don’t take a chance on ruining that special day with your babe by irritating her (not your normal irritating self) when it comes to getting close.  What this boils down to really is you have to be smooth on your face whether you are a facial hair kind of guy or not.  So, groom up and get cleanly shaven to get rid of any stubble so you don’t “irritate her” when it’s time to plant one on her so that you don’t ruin the kiss.

Every woman has a different idea of what she likes or dislikes when it comes to facial hair on men but one thing you can do regardless of where you fall on this spectrum is to get rid of the roughness on your face so that when the intimacy starts she doesn’t have to worry about you scratching up her face & prematurely ending the romance, trust me on this one!

The best to make your day smooth is to use shaving products from Wilkinson Sword so that your skin is soft and clean.  Not only will you look better but you will keep that smile on her face on the one day of the year you absolutely need every ounce of Mojo on your side in order to be successful if you know what I mean!  Visit the Wilkinson Sword facebook page for a chance to win an engraved Hydro 5 razor.

This post has been sponsored by Wilkinson Sword but all thoughts are our own!


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