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by Fashion Dude on October 9, 2015

As men we must all turn to reliable grooming products in those special moments of need. Whether that is to impress a new lady, land that promotion you’ve been eyeing or meeting the In-laws for the first time. There is no shortage of moments where a razor can quickly become your best friend! Never underestimate the power of a razor or trimmer to transform you from an unsightly lad to a respectable member of society that people might actually want to have a conversation with. In essence sometimes you must “free your skin”.

From personal experience (I am serious, it’s true!) I can tell you that women gravitate to a sexy, well-groomed man. To demonstrate I’ve got something special to share with you in the video below titled “Sword Play” that proves just that. You’ll see what I mean.

Exactly, the moment you clean up the ladies will respond. Well, you get the point! Even for those of us that are already in relationships if you are looking to ignite a spark in your relationship then your first step has to be grooming. She will take notice.

So guys if you are searching for reliable, durable and effective grooming products then look no further than Wilkinson Sword. The Hydro 5 Groomer for example is a 4-in-1 styling tool that trims, shaves, edges and hydrates throughout each shave. Can’t go wrong with a gadget that has that many uses now can you!

To learn more about Wilkinson Sword, their product lines and where you can go pick up their products you can check out their site and also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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