Supra Purple: What Supra Purple Shoes Are There ? & Where to Get Them ?

by Fashion Dude on July 27, 2011

Purple Supras are some of the hardest sneakers to find online. Most of the sites you find through Google are selling fakes. We have already showed you how to spot a fake supra and how to wear high tops for men. Not only that, we have given you a guide on where to buy supras online and our Facebook page is full of people giving loads of tips on where to get the latest high tops. Now we are bringing you a round up of what purple supra shoes are still available online to purchase from legitimate sites.

1. Purple TK Society Supra

The Supra TK society in purple become a really popular model after Justin Bieber was spotted these Supras at one of his concerts. The model of purple supra he wore at that concert are near impossible to find. Below is a similar pair you can still pick up. The big difference is the yellow trim around the bottom of the sneaker. They are still pretty awesome.

Supra TK Society Purple

You can pick these up at 6pm or IDBoardShop.

2. Supra Skytop Purple Patent Leather

Next up is the Supra Skytop in Purple Patent Leather. These are based of the first skytop model. We have moved onto Supra Skytops 3 now. But this is still a classic pair and ultra sick.

Supra Skytop Purple Patent Leather

They have a very distinctive look with a purple patent leather at the front of the sneaker. These are extremely difficult to pick up. You can get them at RouteOne but they are currently out of stock.

3. Supra Purple Bullet – Flat Shoe

We love all Supras, but have to admit, we are very high top focused. The Supra bullet are a little boring, they are purple though, check them out:

Supra Purple Bullet

Of course there is always room for flat shoes in your life, you really need to pick the right jeans for these (watch out for a future itsNOTFORgirls guide on this).

You can pick these up at the official SupraFootWear site and Routeone

4. Supra Wrap in Purple

Oh, we have another flat shoe, but stay with us. This pair are PERFECT for the summer. If you are lucky to have a lot of sun, then no doubt a lot of your time will be spend wearing shorts. The right flat shoes are ultra cool with shorts, so we present the supra wrap in purple:

Supra Wrap Shoe in Purple

Remember, only to be worn with shorts. You can pick these up at Karmaloop or PickYourShoes.

5. Supra Vaider Purple & Gold

Yeah, back to the world of the high top. We are starting to warm to Supra Vaiders. Always the poor cousin to the Supra TK and Skytop, certain vaiders are pretty awesome. Here we bring you the supra vaider hightop in purple & gold:

Supra Vaider in Purple and Gold

Not our favorite pair of Supras. the purple and gold are a little bit of an odd color scheme. Still better than the Supra wraps and bullets.

6. Supra Skytop in Purple Tie Die

Now, guess what, we have a secret to tell you guys. This is our favorite pair from this post, yes, we like these better than the Supra TK Societies. The tie die just look awesome, any shade of blue jeans will go with these:

Supra Skytop Purple Tie Die

Pretty cool pair and not common, so you will stand out from the crowd. Pick these up at FlatSpot.

There you have it guys, head over to our Facebook page to join in the discussion.

  • Wee-alec-ess

    some of those links sent yu to fakes and one was out of stock

  • Itsnot4girls

    Hey, thanks for pointing that out. We have removed those links and will be trying to locate legit shoes for you guys..We DISLIKE fakes :)

  • CmartyP

    D you happen to know where i can get a pair of the blue and green color way that is  not fake?

  • Anonymous

    yeah they sell legit shoes :)

  • ShazleyLyusEmmy

    the top picture,  i think jb don’t wear them, jb where the purple suede tk’s, not the purple patent/suede :)

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