Supra Shoes – The 3 Amigos … Brooklyn Pack, Luggage Pack and Auto Pack

by Fashion Dude on September 14, 2011

The guys at Supra never sleep, not content with having the most awesome collection of Supra Shoes known to man they have been busy on the release of 3 new Supra Packs. We introduce you to the 3 Amigos:

The Supra Brooklyn Pack

Supra Footwear the Brooklyn Pack

The Supra Brooklyn Pack are up against some tough competition going up against some classic black Supra Sneakers including the Supra Skytop in Black Tuf and the Supra Black Duct Tape. They make an ok stab at keeping up the rich history of black Supra’s but we aren’t too sold on these.

The Supra Luggage Pack

Supra Footwear Luggage Pack

The Supra Luggage pack are a little odd. Maybe a collectors editions as I am not too sure people are going to look too good in these. A little too close to timbaland boots for us.

The Supra Auto Pack

Supra Footwear Auto Pack

The Supra Auto Pack are again another black sneaker from Supra. They are pretty similar to the  Supra black duct tape we discussed before. We are a little more sold on these but will leave the judgement up to you !!!

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