Terre d’Hermès

by Fashion Dude on October 27, 2014

Looking to update your cologne?  Maybe ready to try something different this year as opposed to the same old fragrance you’ve been sporting for years?  Want the ladies to tell you how nice you smell (and have them look at you a little differently hopefully) instead of “OMG what is that cologne you are wearing?” & you have to play it off as “what?  this old stuff because of yeah I ran out of my go to scent ok, so get off my ass Wendy”.  Sound familiar?

 Terre d'Hermès men's cologne

After trying out Terre d’Hermès for awhile now I have to say I’m pretty pleased overall. It’s what I would call rugged yet refined and not overpowering where people are going to be turned off and the ladies seem to really dig it overall with my unofficial results coming in at 8 out of 10 say it smells nice & that they would buy it for their boyfriends or husband.

Trying to describe the scent another way I would say it’s woodsy and kinda earthy but not in a lumberjack kind of way but more of a natural outdoorsy refreshing smell that tends to give off a manly aroma without seeming like you are trying too hard.  That’s my take anyway.  Anyone else give this a try yet?  If so make sure you comment below so everyone knows that I’m right (haha)…well more like I am at least a decent judge of men’s cologne!

The price point will sting a little in the wallet but it’s no question one to consider for more those moments where you really want to make a good impression and how you smell plays a role in that.  At minimum it’s one to add to your list of scents you should absolutely sample this season!


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